Hotel Policies

  • Check In: 4:00 PM
  • Check Out: 12:00 PM Noon
  • Late Check Out: $50 per hour
  • The hotel does have ADA accessible guestrooms. These can be requested, based on availability
  • The Chestnut Hotel is smoke-free. A $300 fee will be charged for smoking in the hotel
  • Cancellation: You must cancel by 4:00 PM on the day prior to your scheduled check-in, to avoid a charge to your credit card. Certain Holidays and Special Dates (including Football weekends) will have a cancellation required by noon 7 days prior to your scheduled check-in.
  • We do not allow pets at the hotel, with the exception of service animals
  • The minimum age to rent a room at The Chestnut Hotel is 21 years old
  • Photo Identification and a valid credit card are required at check-in
  • The hotel offers garage parking for $5.00 per car per day

If you have additional questions or concerns please call us at 304.777.4100 or email us at